I simply couldnt decide what picture to post. So you got two.
I made a risotto the other day. And it was autumn-ish. With butternut squash, black kale, fried sage and sunflower seeds.
Carnaroli rice for 4 people
1 big yellow onion
4 stalks of celery
2 cloves of garlic
1 coffee mug of Prosecco
Olive oil
1 liter of vegetable stock (1 liter of water, vegetabale stock that goes with it)
1 smaller butternut squash
5-7 stalks of black kale or just kale
Olive oil
2 big knobs of butter
Cheese! As much as you like. Parmesan, pecorino or grana Padano
OK OKOKOKOOKOK. You are now going to make a risotto. The first thing you need to know about risotto is that they shouldnt be dry. Risottos are wet. I will show you.
Pre heat your oven at like 200 celsius Cut the butternut squash in like 8 pieces. Smear oilve oil on them, salt and put in the oven. For like 45 minutes. Take them out when they are soft, peel the skin of and put them in a bowl. Mash it up with some olive oil and salt. It doesnt have to be like super smooth but just mash a little bit.
Tear the kale or black kale in smaller pieces. If you are using black kale, fry it in a pan with olive oil for 2 minutes so it gets a little bit softer. Dont do this with the kale.
Put a big pot with 1 liter water in it and bring it to boil. Add vegetable stock. Keep it at almost boiling point. 
So chop your onion, garlic and celery in small, small pieces. Put a pan with high edges on medium heat. Add olive oil and the vegs. Fry until the the onion is soft but not under any circumstances golden or brown.
Add the rice. Yes fry the rice for like 1 minute. Turn the heat up!! Then add the prosecco/wine/noilly prat/beer whatever you are using.
Let the alcohol boil away. NOW TAKE A LADLE AND POUR HOT VEGETABLE STOCK IN THE RISOTTO. One ladle at the time. And let the stock boil in. Keep on doing so, stir and pour until the rice is cooked but still al dente. 
Now its time to add the kale/black kale and butternut squash to the risotto. This iS also the time when you add the butter and the cheese of your choice. Do that please.
 Before you take the risotto off
the stove, pour some more stock in so the risotto is wet and wild. Hehe no but like wet, not like a soup but almost. 
Fry sage in olive oil. Top with sage, sunflower seeds and some olive oil. And maybe some basil.
I had breakfast this morning. Cucumber sandwich. With cheese. My boyfriend said that he doesnt like cucumber on sandwiches and that it does not add anything special to the sandwich. I forced him to eat it. With sesame seeds of course.
 This is a salad Nicoise. From Lydmar. It was really good. Maybe a little bit too much capers. But then again I love capers. I wasnt just that hungry I think. But it was nice. I FUCKING LOVE LYDMAR!! Ive said it before: GO there if you havnt been. 
 Risotto in the making. Its wet and wild.