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I will help you. Its just an egg. Remember that. This is how I do it:
1 free range organic egg
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
Take a small pot, add water and bring it to boil.
Meanwhile crack one organic egg in a small bowl. Like, a really small bowl. I always use my espresso mug for this but you might have a smaller one than me so use a small bowl instead, or just use what you feel like.
Turn the heat down so the water is bubbling, not boiling. Add 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar in the boiling water. This is to help the egg to poach.
Now. Take the small bowl in your best hand and a wooden spoon in the other hand. Make a swirl in the bubbling water (easy on the hand, just a small swirl) and let you egg carefully slip down in the water.
Do not touch the egg. I repeat: DO NOT TOUCH THE EGG. Just let it be. Put your egg clock on 2 minutes.
Take the egg from the water after 2 minutes and let it rest on a plate for 2 minutes.
Once you get it, its so nice.
Wilt your spinach. Slice you avocado. Make your coffee. DONE BITCH.

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  1. perfect

  2. Thanks for your nice recipes, but pls don’t call me a bitch. I know it’s your “cool writing style” but I would really appreciate you using a more friendly way to explain your cooking.
    xoxo- Lisa

    • Olive Hummer

      Hi Lisa!

      I don’t mean to call you, Lisa a bitch of course!!There is nothing personal about it. This is my way of writing because its my blog:). Hope you understand! I so hope you still know that I love every single one of you who reads my blog. and Im so happy you like the recipes!! Thank you for your comment!!

      All my love,


  3. This post put a smile on my face

  4. Sarah Jodzis

    Love your recipes, love the way you talk, love that you get me to try new things, just love love love! I am Slovenian and Polish and I talk that way too :) Thank you for being yourself and sharing your love and talent for food with all of us!
    veliko ljubezen (that means much love in Slovenian hehe)
    Sarah Jodzis

  5. I read your blog all the time + follow your insta! You are so adorable, and I love all your recipes! Keep being awesome. :) Thanks for teaching me how to poach my eggles! I love doing that now!

    Have a lovely day!

    Peace & Love,
    Sarah Marie

  6. I love, love, love eggs and your recipes always make me want to try more ways to cook and eat an egg. I’ll try this one, a couples of times to make sure I got it right. I did the 5 minute egg the other day, crack it open and it was pure joy on a plate.

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