Cooking things on the stove but its for the oven OK

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOK. As I said. Did not have a tray or oven-proof form to bake my potato gratin in.  I even called down to house keeping and tried to explain my huge problem and asked if I could borrow one from their kitchen. I could not. So. I had to solve the problem. I was not going to NOT make potato gratin. So I did it on the stove. It worked.  Ok! But I will tell you how to make it in the oven. So much easier!!! GOD.

OK Put your oven on 200 Celsius/400 Fahrenheit.


6 medium sized potatoes

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

One cup double cream (maybe a little bit more)

1,5 dl/6 oz milk

Salt and pepper

1 dl/3.4 oz Cheddar cheese for grating and a bit more at the end

Some butter

Peel your potatoes. Slice them in thin slices. The thinner you slice, the faster it cooks. Slice your onion. Put the potato and onion in a bowl. Grate the garlic and put it in as well. Add the cream and milk. Grate some cheese in there, maybe half the amount. Add a lot of  salt and pepper. Mix with a spoon so the potatoes are covered with milk/cream.

Take a oven-proof form. Smear butter all over it so the potato gratin doesnt stick. Add the potato mixture. TOP WITH A LOT OF GRATED CHEESE. As I said, the time in the oven depends on how thick you sliced the potato. But I would say like 30 minutes in the oven. At half of the time, add a little bit more milk if it looks dry. Maybe turn it down a little bit in the middle and turn it up at the end for a super crisp top.

If you need more help just comment and I ll fly out and cook you that damn potato gratin. Oh I wish.

Serve with wilted kale and boiled green beans. The BOMB!


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  1. Your food always look so yummy! I am actually interested in knowing how to make the gratin on the stove, as I live in a tiny Parisian apartment with no oven (as most kitchens in Paris, actually…).
    Thanks a lot! xxx

    • Olive Hummer

      Hi dear! I know how it is!!Lived in Paris for a while without a oven… So here is how I did it:
      Instead of putting the potato mixture in a oven-proof from, I just poured it in a sauce pan or pan and then just boil on low low heat until the potatoes are cooked through! You might have to add a little bit extra cream or milk. Done! If you want the top extra crispy, go buy yourself a burner! You can find it in any hard wear store in Paris. Just ask for a burner that you can burn of creme brulee with! Then top with extra cheese and burn until its golden! Just a small tip! GOOD LUCK and Im so jealous, I also want to live in Paris!! XX

  2. Karolina Bishop

    Is double cream same as heavy whipping cream in America? These potatoes look so good I’ve been wanting nonthing else. Going to try this is u can remember all ingredients when I go shopping.

    • Olive Hummer

      Oh I am actually not quite sure dear!! I think it might be the same. So, try it out! It such a simple ingredients list! Potaoes, onion, garlic, cream and cheese! The best! Thank you for your comment!! Puss

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